DE ROOINS,or more commonly known as "home","old home",or "really cramped place that nobody liked" is the place where monsters used to live but then left because of overpopulation or something,and everyone left except for toriel,and probably asgore,and a bunch of other monsters.

DE RUNES are the first place you fell down to or,uh,something.

and then you go to flower the flowey and then hes like "howdy im flour,flour the flower"

and then he tries to kill you for no reason

and then tu-toriel comes and guids you through DA RUINZ and then you escaped from there because the plot needed it.


  • DE ROIUNS is very small
  • its underground
  • trivia
Vital statistics
Type ruins
Location de underground
Inhabitants TU-TORIEL,FLOUIE,a bed of ""golden"" flowers

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