wanna have a BAD TOM?
Season ?????????????????????, Episode ?????????????????
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Written by UA8NMCDauibcD
Directed by 8UHWV9N9D
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THE SPOOKY DEATH CHIKLD tHey wILll STEAL YOUR soul and Destoy the EVerything kill kill kill is all they ever think about, what a bout me, what abeotu my feeligns  ? they are legitrimate, chara, why didn't you kill me, but eveyrone else, chara, i feel lifef t Out you Fejekr jeeeez , c'mon you were supsoposedf to be my best froedi n hahahah you took my soul,d but did i even ahve tyoen to beign twith >?A ? that is the question , now i sn't it ahhahaha h hu