TODAy IS a coMPLetLY NORMal daY In sNOWdIn.its SNOwiNG,ANd,uh,tHatS IT.waIt,Why doES SomeTHinG SMeLL LIKe fiRe?aND Why dOeS it sMELl LiKe iTs SprEAdING?wAit,iS THERe fire heRe?weLl,AtLeasT its NOT spr-neVERMiND,I HEaRd somEonE sCreAm.whEn It SmelLs LIKe fiRE And soMEOnE iS ScReamINg,that USaLlY doSEnt MeAN a GO-wELl, Uh, I THink Im Getting out of heeE------/_/

the page you just found was probably ripped out of a diary,and its somewhere near the back of snowdin town, which is also in ruins, probably because of a fire. it looks like the fire started in San's and Papyrus's house. well, it was atleast where San's and Papyrus's house was. it looks like theres another paper in the ruins of San's and Papyrus's house.

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